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ASICS Athlete Profile Update

ASICS has been doing some updating to their Pro Athletes page.  Looks great!


Cover of Running Times!



The photo shoot in Keystone was a blast and my hats off to Running Times editor-in-chief, Jonathan Beverly, for the exceptional job.


Bolder Boulder to Mini 10k in NYC to Steamboat Classic 4-miler in Peoria, IL — We’re on a roll!

Wow, busy last few weeks!  Bolder Boulder was a great lead in to the NYRR Mini 10k in Central Park and the fast course of the Steamboat Classic 4-miler in Peoria, Illinois.

(Photo – NYRR Gallery)

The Mini 10k, June 11th, was especially exciting because Adriana was able to come within 8 seconds off her personal best over the hilly course in NYC.  She came in at 33:33.  The conditions weren’t prime either, with high humidity making it hot and muggy.

“I am pretty happy with my race because I can’t remember the last time I raced without feeling a nagging injury.  I felt good on the hills and had confidence in myself to push the pace.  I wasn’t as worried about my overall place as I was about feeling good, pushing myself, and enjoying racing in one of my favorite cities.”

Adriana Nelson

Her time put her in 14th place overall and 2nd American, behind Magda Lewy Boulet.  Not bad considering this race is one of the deepest women’s road races in the States with over 40 elite athletes.  The win went to last years winner, Linet Masai out of Kenya.  Boy was she flying.  I’m excited to watch her run her first marathon, whenever that is.

Here is a really cool video from this years Mini 10k that was dedicated to former champion Grete Waitz, who died on April 19 from a long battle with cancer.

Back to Colorado on Sunday and with a moderate training week that went by in the blink of an eye, she popped over to Peoria, IL for the Steamboat Classic 4-miler.  This race is a blast and they really do a good job taking care of the elite runners (and all the runners for that matter).  We both raced this last year and had such a good time, even though we weren’t in any kind of race shape (Adriana was 8th and I came in 18th mens).

This year was a different story and Adriana was ready and excited to put in a fast race.  The American record for 4-miles is 20:59, set by legendary Colleen De Reuck.  It crossed Adriana’s mind that she might give it a shot.  Why not, right?

(Photo – Journal Star)

As the gun went off, Adriana took charge of the race and set the pace.  At first mile she didn’t feel like any kind of records are going to be broken today, but she knew she felt good and knew she would have a good race.  Leading the way until around the 3 mile mark, she was passed by good friend Diane Nukuri Johnson from Burundi.  Watching a gap widen, Adriana didn’t have the finishing speed to close it out.  Diane put in a great effort and finished in 20:41.  Coming in 5 seconds back at 20:46 and 2nd place is great but I knew Adriana is hungry for a win.

All things considered, I think its a great result and a good sign she’s able to mix it up and run hard in shorter races as most of her training is for longer distances and she started off the year with a tough marathon in Japan and pacing another marathon in Japan for 25k (making a big PB).  Its tough to find the speed when your legs are so used to logging a lot of miles and short fast workouts are few and far between.

Now we’re back in Colorado and ready for two weeks of good training before the Peachtree 10k road race on July 4th in Atlanta, Georgia.


Bolder Boulder Elite Teams

Well, it has been quite some time since we last posted anything.  So much has happened the past spring – there is almost too much to talk about!  We are going to start posting more on a regular basis.  For minor updates be sure to find us on facebook.


We’ve heard from several of our Running Bums out there that their spring training has been going great – and that is something we love to hear!  As for us, training has been picking up quite well and Adriana is set to race the Bolder Boulder on Monday with what looks like some other great teams.  She is on Team Colorado and couldn’t be more happy to represent this beautiful state.


Here are the current teams for this years Bolder Boulder 10k…


Good luck to all the racers this weekend!


****** UPDATE ******

(Photo – Zoila Gomez, Adriana Nelson, Magdalena Lewy Boulet, Amy Hastings, Renee Baillie, Ryan Hall)

Adriana put in a solid effort over Bolder Boulder’s tough course and ran 35:08, good enough for an 8th place finish overall.  Considering it’s been quite some time since Adriana last raced – and a 10k at that – she is pretty happy about her finish.  Team COLORADO came in 5th out of the 8 elite international teams.

Overall, we had a great time in Boulder and it was great to visit with long lost friends.

Here are the results:

                       Bolder/Boulder Pros - 2011

  Place No.     Name                           Sex Team           Mile1   Mile2   Mile3   Mile4   Mile5   Mile6   Time       Pace
  ===== ======= ============================== === ============== ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ========== =====
      1     F14 Lineth Chepkurui                 F Ken               5:11    5:17    5:22    5:19    5:11    5:09   32:29.79  5:15
      2     F19 Mamitu Daska                     F Eth               5:11    5:16    5:22    5:19    5:11    5:08   32:34.46  5:16
      3     F21 Meseret Mengistubiru             F Eth               5:11    5:17    5:43    5:41    5:28    5:37   34:05.23  5:30
      4      F3 Amy Hastings                     F Usa               5:29    5:24    5:35    5:41    5:27    5:30   34:19.10  5:33
      5      F4 Claire Hallisey                  F Uk                5:33    5:35    5:43    5:37    5:29    5:40   34:47.50  5:37
      6      F1 Renee Metivier Baillie           F Usa               5:29    5:29    5:46    5:44    5:29    5:44   34:53.73  5:38
      7     F15 Jelliah Tinega                   F Ken               5:11    5:32    5:47    5:46    5:41    5:51   35:03.65  5:40
      8     F27 Adriana Pirtea                   F Co                5:24    5:38    5:50    5:48    5:37    5:41   35:08.24  5:41
      9      F2 Magdalena Lewy-Boulet            F Usa               5:32    5:35    5:43    5:39    5:40    5:50   35:09.58  5:41
     10      F8 Yuri Kano                        F Jpn               5:30    5:32    5:47    5:47    5:39    5:50   35:16.32  5:42
     11      F9 Yuko Watanabe                    F Jpn               5:33    5:35    5:49    5:45    5:33    5:47   35:19.09  5:42
     12     F20 Tigish Tufa                      F Eth               5:11    5:36    6:03    5:58    5:42    6:05   35:55.63  5:48
     13     F23 Bertha Sanchez                   F Col               5:33    5:46    6:08    5:57    5:42    6:04   36:27.93  5:53
     14     F22 Marta Ronceria                   F Col               5:33    5:45    6:07    5:57    5:49    6:05   36:34.04  5:54
     15     F25 Colleen De Reuck                 F Co                5:36    5:52    6:03    5:58    5:49    6:06   36:38.86  5:55
     16     F26 Zoila Gomez                      F Co                5:34    5:53    6:08    6:00    5:50    6:03   36:44.63  5:56
     17      F7 Yumi Hirata                      F Jpn               5:36    5:58    6:08    6:01    5:50    6:04   36:52.31  5:57
     18     F13 Risper Gesabwa                   F Ken               5:12    5:47    6:09    6:11    5:56    6:22   36:58.28  5:58
     19     F24 Leidy Tobon                      F Col               5:33    5:46    6:08    6:09    5:58    6:20   37:19.91  6:02
     20      F5 Sarah Tunstall                   F Uk                5:41    5:58    6:15    6:11    6:01    6:19   37:43.98  6:06
     21     F11 Angelica Sanchez                 F Mex               5:33    5:59    6:33    6:06    6:12    6:10   37:53.39  6:07
     22     F10 Fabiola Fernandez                F Mex               5:39    6:03    6:18    6:15    6:01    6:21   37:55.32  6:07
     23     F12 Iracema Parra                    F Mex               5:34    6:16    6:50    6:15    6:00    6:14   38:30.92  6:13
     24      F6 Mary Wilkinson                   F Uk                5:49    6:20    6:35    6:27    6:19    6:30   39:22.16  6:21



Running Bums at ASICS Research and Design in Japan

One of the coolest parts of our trip to Japan was the opportunity to have a custom pair of racing shoes made at the ASICS R&D facility in Kobe.  This place is unreal.  There are these big steel doors that shut behind you after you walk in and the minimalist laboratory-like interior has got to be straight out of a James Bond movie.  It was truly a fascinating experience.   I was so amazed at the attention to detail in Japan.  It is incorporated in everything — the buildings, trains, clothes, even the food.

A huge THANK YOU to Tatsuya Nagoshi for making all this happen!


The finished shoes, called the “Adrianas” will be finished end of March or early April.

Osaka Marathon

2011 Osaka Marathon Japan

I can’t believe its already been over two weeks since Adriana ran the Osaka Ladies Marathon in Japan.  Training since the Berlin Marathon this fall was going great so we decided to give Osaka a shot for a fast marathon.  Adriana was shooting for a PR in this race but came out with 2:32 and a 7th place finish.  Not what she wanted but I’d say it was still a pretty successful race.  And the trip was amazing.


Sushi, Japan

Japan Times News Paper

This was the amazing view from our hotel room.

First step after running a marathon:  Eat anything and everything you want :)

The Osaka Marathon took the top 8 out for a dinner on the house.  The food never stopped coming and vodka was served in water carafes.  Yeah, it was a long night :)

Asics (Japan) Shoe Designers at Work

We got the opportunity to tour the Asics factory in Japan in 2008.  It’s amazing the amount of engineering and R&D that goes into a pair of shoes.  The video doesn’t have many words — but still cool to see how they go about designing a custom pair of spikes.  The athlete featured is Christine Arron.


Colorado Runner Magazine

Adriana made the cover of Colorado Runner Magazine – January/February.  This reminds me of every race director that explains ten times before the race that if you win, don’t stop your watch at the finish.  Run through the finish like its the best day of your life :)

This is from the Rock’N’Roll Denver Half Marathon.


NEW: Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Similar to the Garmin GPS watch that we use, this new Nike watch ($TBD) tracks your time, pace and distance using TomTom technology.  Can’t wait to test’er out.  Looks awesome but I’m not sure about the display.  One of the things we like about the Garmin is that it clearly displays four areas of information (time, pace, distance, lap… etc.).

Either way, I want it!


A cold and fun Thanksgiving Day Race

“Adriana Nelson is the first woman to cross the finish line Thursday at the 17th annual Fort Collins Thanksgiving Day Run. More than 3,000 adults and children participated in the 4-mile run and fun run. Nelson, a repeat winner from Fort Collins, finished in 21:51. Boulder’s Fiona Docherty was second and Broomfield’s Kristen Fryburs-Zuitz finished third.” (Rich Abrahamson/The Coloradoan)