Ultimate Guide To Running Like A Pro

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A training program is useless without knowing how or why you are doing all these different kinds of training.  This ebook is packed full advice, over 70 HD photos of stretches, strength exercises, and VIDEOS of the drills we like to improve your form and technique.  Get Strong!

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Motivation is everything.

Running Bums® was created to help runners achieve their goals and take the complexity and mystery out of training.

We sizzled down what WORKS THE BEST and organized it into easy to understand, step-by-step, TIME-CUSTOMIZED programs.

The 5k10khalf marathon, and marathon training programs range from 8 weeks to 14 weeks, respectively, and were designed to help you reach your goal the easiest way possible with the same techniques used by elite runners.

In just a FEW MINUTES you will have your own clear, easy to follow, professional program in front of you in PDF format you can print out, email it to your office computer, save it to your smart phone and take it everywhere.

There is no gimmicky, complicated software to learn or expensive monthly contracts.  Don’t waste HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on vague, old school “custom” programs out there that aren’t even custom.

We keep our running simple, fun, and effective!  We use our programs everyday and eat our own advice.

Check out a sample week of a 3:00 Marathon Training Program…

Weeks are broken up with a combination of long runs, workouts (tailored for speed, VO2max and lactate threshold), recovery runs, hill workouts, and gym workouts.

The key for extremely effective training is finding a balance between all these different elements to maximize your fitness.

Below each week is a NOTES section with tips and advice, as well as space for your comments about the run (weather, how you felt, actual times… etc.).  Print it out and mark it up!

Whether you’re trying to qualify for BOSTON, Make a new 10k PR, or just want to beat a certain someone at a local 5k, I HIGHLY suggest you TRAIN WITH US and get in front of the pack.

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Thanks for visiting us and we will see you at the races!